Real Estate Agents before You Choose One

So you have decided to sell your house, and you are looking for a real estate agent renovations melbourne to represent you. Here are just a few suggestions of a few things you may want to know about your agent before contracting with them. The number of years on the job is only one factor

Being the listing agent means that you could, theoretically, just list the property on the MLS and a few high traffic web sites, and then just wait to get contacted by potential buyers and their agents. And that is all In that case you could as well list the property yourself for a flat fee and save thousands on commissions.

How many homes has this agent sold? Many agents work part time, are new, or have had their license for a long time, but still do not have many sales. How many of the sales were as the sellers agent? Did the homes listed sell for the asking price, or a price close to the asking price? In other words, is this agent skilled in negotiations or will she quickly settle for a lower price to get the deal done? (And losing you a lot of money)

Some agents have a challenge negotiating with the buyers agent. Some do not have the skill, or the confidence to act on your behalf and get the best price for you. In a transaction involving a substantial amount of money you will want someone skilled and knowledgeable about bargaining and negotiating.

Besides listing your property on the MLS, what are other marketing plans? Advertisements? Open houses? What?

The availability of your agent is yet another important consideration. Will he/she be available during evenings and weekends? How long before they respond to a call from you or a potential buyer? When negotiations are underway and there are time limits in the contract, having an unresponsive agent can sink your deal.

The personality of your agent is another important factor. A pessimistic, slow, unmotivated agent could kill your deal. Look for someone who is enthusiastic, willing to put in some effort, someone with a positive sunny disposition.

Don’t rush selecting your agent. You will be working with this person for many months, and canceling a contract may be difficult and or, costly. Take the time to know you have chosen a competent, positive agent that you will like working with.