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Using a Medible Mix Recipe

The world is beginning to realize that the medical benefits associated with marijuana can offer certain patients comfort, compassion, and dignity. As proof, almost 30% of the States in our nation have decriminalized the medical use of marijuana, and the citizens of many other states are now also demanding a vote on this issue. (After all, no matter what background, race, ethnicity or culture you are part of, it is fundamentally hard to sit-back and watch other human-beings suffer.)

Although medical marijuana is frequently smoked and/or vaporized by a patient to achieve “instant” medical-benefits of marijuana, certain patients do not like smoke or vaporizers, and prefer a more “healthy” method of ingesting their medicine. Other patients – such as individuals suffering from terminal diseases and/or painful, life-threatening conditions – are unable to ingest medical marijuana by means other than simply eating a medical, edible food-item cooked and prepared with their strain of medicine (a “medible”)

Thus, in order to receive the medical benefits associated with their medical-marijuana prescriptions, these “qualified” patients must be able to eat their medicine.

But, because: (i) when cooked, medical marijuana must be heated in a fat base to release the THC into the medicine; and (ii) medical-marijuana (even after cooked) doesn’t taste so great – a fantastic way to create a delicious “Medible” for a patient is to cooktheir medical-marijuana prescription into the specially-formulated Medible Butter™(which is specially-formulated with denser “sweet butter” molecules for maximum extraction of cookable herbs, supplements and medicines)–and then use the cannabis-infused Medible Butter in one of Chef Todd November’s scrumptious, mouth-watering Medible Mix™ recipes (which were created to specifically accommodate the foul flavors and tough textures of all herbs, supplements, and cookable medicines).

Just substitute the Medible Butter™ where the Medible Mix™ recipe (or any recipe) calls for regular butter and, WHALAH: vanilla-swirl bud brownies, medical-marijuana cookies, zucchini-cannabis marijuana muffins, buds-n-banana bread, and chocolate-oatmeal cannabis squares, just to name a few . . .

In addition, all individuals must always first speak with a licensed physician before beginning any medical treatment or taking any medicine or prescription (by edible means or otherwise) because the ingestion of medical-marijuana through edible means can have often have a very different effecton a patient in terms of when the patient first feels the effects (there is often a delay in feeling the effects with medible ingestion) and/or how strong the medicine “feels” to the patient. Thus, patients who ingest medical-marijuana based edible-items should always start with less medicine (as opposed to more) – because those effects may not be felt for up to an hour, or more. Doctor’s are aware of these effects and thus should always be consulted.

In sum, the ingestion by a patient of a medical-marijuana Medible can be a great alternative where the patient is looking to feel the effects of the medicine in an “extended release,” consistent manner over a longer period of time. Many patients have reported achieving significant comfort through the ingestion of Medible Mix™ food items, such as those patients suffering from continuous, debilitating pain; patients feeling severe nausea from chemotherapy; and those who simply enjoy eating their medicine cooked into delicious Medible Munchies™.