Passive Solar Space Heating

Every time you turn on the heat or air conditioning in your home, you know how much you are going to end up paying for it. Especially during those long cold winters and boiling hot summers, it seems as though your energy bill is always sky high.

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Learning about passive space heating will be one of the best things that you will ever do. If you use passive space heating to power your home you are not going to be the only one who is going to benefit. Not only are the people around you going to benefit as well, but so is the world that you live in.

Diy passive solar heating is something that everyone should learn more about, and here are a few important bits of information to help get you started.

How it Works

First and foremost you want to know why passive space heating works and how. Passive solar heating or space heating and cooling really represents an important strategy for displacing traditional energy sources in buildings, and even if you have ever just sat in a window on a winter day you have felt the effects of passive solar heating.

You get heated by the sun that is shining in on you, and the same sort of effect happens when you use passive heating for your home.

Not only can you use passive space heating to heat your home but you can use it to cool it as well. Because solar power is always readily available, you can have heating and cooling unlimited throughout the year, no matter where you live.

If you are interested in using passive space heating to heat and cool your home, the first thing that you are going to want to do is find a skilled, knowledgeable professional who is going to be able to work with you and make sure that your home is ready for this sort of a system. This is imperative because after all if your home is set in a shady location, you are not going to be able to take full advantage of solar power.

This is often fixable however in some situations the person may have to end up moving if they want to be able to take full advantage here. You will quickly see all the wonderful benefits that are offered by solar power, and not only will you will be able to save yourself money but you will be doing good for the environment.

Using a Medible Mix Recipe

The world is beginning to realize that the medical benefits associated with marijuana can offer certain patients comfort, compassion, and dignity. As proof, almost 30% of the States in our nation have decriminalized the medical use of marijuana, and the citizens of many other states are now also demanding a vote on this issue. (After all, no matter what background, race, ethnicity or culture you are part of, it is fundamentally hard to sit-back and watch other human-beings suffer.)

Although medical marijuana is frequently smoked and/or vaporized by a patient to achieve “instant” medical-benefits of marijuana, certain patients do not like smoke or vaporizers, and prefer a more “healthy” method of ingesting their medicine. Other patients – such as individuals suffering from terminal diseases and/or painful, life-threatening conditions – are unable to ingest medical marijuana by means other than simply eating a medical, edible food-item cooked and prepared with their strain of medicine (a “medible”)

Thus, in order to receive the medical benefits associated with their medical-marijuana prescriptions, these “qualified” patients must be able to eat their medicine.

But, because: (i) when cooked, medical marijuana must be heated in a fat base to release the THC into the medicine; and (ii) medical-marijuana (even after cooked) doesn’t taste so great – a fantastic way to create a delicious “Medible” for a patient is to cooktheir medical-marijuana prescription into the specially-formulated Medible Butter™(which is specially-formulated with denser “sweet butter” molecules for maximum extraction of cookable herbs, supplements and medicines)–and then use the cannabis-infused Medible Butter in one of Chef Todd November’s scrumptious, mouth-watering Medible Mix™ recipes (which were created to specifically accommodate the foul flavors and tough textures of all herbs, supplements, and cookable medicines).

Just substitute the Medible Butter™ where the Medible Mix™ recipe (or any recipe) calls for regular butter and, WHALAH: vanilla-swirl bud brownies, medical-marijuana cookies, zucchini-cannabis marijuana muffins, buds-n-banana bread, and chocolate-oatmeal cannabis squares, just to name a few . . .

In addition, all individuals must always first speak with a licensed physician before beginning any medical treatment or taking any medicine or prescription (by edible means or otherwise) because the ingestion of medical-marijuana through edible means can have often have a very different effecton a patient in terms of when the patient first feels the effects (there is often a delay in feeling the effects with medible ingestion) and/or how strong the medicine “feels” to the patient. Thus, patients who ingest medical-marijuana based edible-items should always start with less medicine (as opposed to more) – because those effects may not be felt for up to an hour, or more. Doctor’s are aware of these effects and thus should always be consulted.

In sum, the ingestion by a patient of a medical-marijuana Medible can be a great alternative where the patient is looking to feel the effects of the medicine in an “extended release,” consistent manner over a longer period of time. Many patients have reported achieving significant comfort through the ingestion of Medible Mix™ food items, such as those patients suffering from continuous, debilitating pain; patients feeling severe nausea from chemotherapy; and those who simply enjoy eating their medicine cooked into delicious Medible Munchies™.

Kitchen Doors and Appliances at Massive Savings

Kitchen appliances – Splash backs

It may be that you wish to install a splash back with your range cooker and to fit one correctly you must determine the finished height of your kitchen worktops flood restoration melbourne. The reason for this being, that your cooker hood should be fitted prior to fitting the range cooker and splash back fixings are positioned behind the position of the cooker hood. Installing this before fitting the range cooker will prevent any damage to the kitchen appliance and ensure that you have adequate space to work.Range cookers.

Preparation for the fitting of Range Cooker’s is similar to that of freestanding kitchen appliances in that the space between cupboards needs to be accurate and I would suggest, 5mm wider than the appliance.
Kitchen appliances electrical connection should be made through an adjacent cupboard for access purposes.

Great importance should be given to the finished height of the range cooker and the top edge of the cooker should finish at least 5mm above the worktop. Although not regulatory, I protect adjacent worktop edges with metal edging strips and these are available at major DIY outlets.

Should the range cooker legs offer insufficient height adjustment, the appliance must be raised on a platform. This platform can then be finished in a material of your choice to match the appliance or the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances – Integrated Dishwasher/Washing Machine

Integrated Dishwashers are available in slim line, generally 450mm width, and standard, 600mm wide sizes. The size of the dishwasher matches the aperture you will need to leave to accommodate the appliance, no more, no less. The only room for accommodating crossing pipe work or services behind integrated dishwashers is within the recess at the bottom of the machine. This is an important point to remember as to install services elsewhere behind the appliance will result in the dishwasher protruding from the adjacent cabinets and unless you wish to start a new design trend, this is to be avoided.

Doors are fitted to the appliance door by means of fixings provided with each machine a template assists in marking the appropriate points. The nature of the way a dishwasher door opens, warrants that the kitchen kickboard be cut approximately 10mm directly beneath the appliance in order to accommodate the door on opening.

Again, water and electrical services for both dishwashers and washing machines should terminate in an adjacent cupboard and waste services must be fitted behind an adjacent unit, within the void. Should the appliance be sited next to a sink however, the waste can be integrated with the sinks waste outlet.

When positioning the appliance in readiness to connect, feed the water hoses and electrical flex behind the appropriate rear unit leg. This will allow access to the services when the appliance is in place and will also permit fitting before the furniture plinth is installed.

The height of the appliance is made by means of adjustable feet and the rear feet can be accessed under the unit prior to fitting the plinth. Once you’ve achieved the correct level, screw to the underside of the worktop with the screws provided. Dishwashers require the fitting of a protective waterproof barrier and this should be fitted to the underside of the worktop once the appliance is in place.

Many integrated washing machines present a further problem for installers as they have no recess at the rear of the machine and the height adjustment is minimal. For this reason it may be necessary to install a platform ensuring that it does not protrude from the furniture plinth and no services should cross the rear wall behind the appliance as they will impede on the appliance hoses, thereby obstructing correct fitting.

Of all integrated appliances, integrated washing machines in my opinion are the least fitter friendly and require many improvements before they become so. The door is fitted to the appliance by means of side opening hinges that allow little adjustment and you may be required to drill the furniture door hinges to match adjacent door heights. There is little room for error and measurements should be double checked before drilling.

Built Under Integrated Fridges/Freezers

Follow the same rules as for installing a dishwasher. Again there is no room for services directly behind unless at low level. Feet are fully height adjustable and fridges or freezers are screwed to the worktop through pre-drilled holes once fitted. For door fitting, follow the instructions supplied with the appliance. These again, will come with a template and fixings. More manufacturers allow rear leg adjustment from the front of the appliance and this makes for simpler installation.

Building Your Brand

In order to succeed, a business must attract and keep a growing number of customers. Some owners might mistakenly believe this is done through sales alone, but sales are just a part of the overall success equation. Before a sale can even occur, a business must be marketed effectively – meaning the public has to know you exist before they can buy from you.

Selling is the act of getting a customer to buy your product or service; marketing is the actions you take leading up to the sale. Marketing includes all the research and promotional activities you do to figure out what your customers want and then making potential customers aware of what you have to offer.

Marketing involves a broad process of activities, which include discovering what product or service customers actually want, making that product, pricing the product, promoting the product and finally selling the product to the consumer.

As you are marketing your product or service, the public is going to form an opinion of your company, based upon what they see or hear about you. This opinion is your company image – it’s what others think and feel about you, not what you think or what your marketing materials or salespeople say! Your company image is your identity in the marketplace, even if you have not consciously undertaken any activities to build one.

Even if you don’t advertise, produce brochures or issue press releases, there are plenty of things already within your company that help the public form an opinion of you. Your company logo, your website, product packaging, the look of your business cards and how your employees treat customers all work together to create a company image. In marketing terms, this image is your brand.

Your company image can make your marketing communications more powerful than they would be on their own. Marketing communications include all the activities you do to present your business to the market, including brochures, advertising, sales promotions and publicity. It is therefore extremely important to create marketing messages that match or fit your company image. Although your company image is intangible, meaning you can’t touch it or feel it, it is as vital as, or even more important than, the product or service you provide.

To create the type of company image you want, start by evaluating your company and products to determine how they measure up to the competition. Are your prices lower or higher? This is a good opportunity to do some market researchæyou might conduct a survey to learn what your target market thinks about you and if possible, find out how your competition and their customers think too. Once you have this information in hand, you can develop a plan to make changes if necessary or continue the way things are.

As you are developing your company’s brand, make sure your brochures, advertisements, packaging etc. all reflect the same image. Continuity is essential – make sure that your marketing efforts all match your image. This includes the types of magazines where you place advertisements and the types of promotional events your company takes part in.

What you customer wants is the most important part of marketing. All of your company’s efforts and activities should be based on meeting your customer’s needs. But how do you learn what your customer wants? Once again, market research.

For a successful marketing campaign, you have to know how your market thinks. Using market research will identify any customer problems and uncover any problem areas that can easily be fixed. Market research can also identify some new products or services your clients want, paving the way for you to create and sell these products.

Every business needs to conduct market research. This research will show who your customers are and who are your potential customers – and whether or not you’re offering the types of goods and services they actually want to buy. Since it’s impossible to sell something that the public doesn’t want to buy, you can save yourself a lot of grief by doing market research before you start your business and possibly fail.

If you are already in business and decide to do market research after the fact, take a look at the vast amount of customer information you already have, before conducting a formal market survey or hiring a company to do it for you. Sales complaints, receipts and other records that show a customer’s address will tell you where they live and how they buy.

Your market research can be as simple as asking your customers or suppliers what they think about your company or as complex as a formal study conducted by a professional firm. If you choose to do it on your own, first determine what it is exactly that you’d like to know about your customer. This might include learning what products they currently use and their perceptions about it. The survey is probably the quickest and least expensive way to conduct market research. This can be done over the phone or as a piece of mail where the customer fills out the survey and sends it back to you, postage paid.

Once your research is complete, you can analyze the information and reach some sort of conclusionæeither you need to change to suit what your customers want or find customers who want what you have to offer.

It’s important to remember that the focus of marketing is people. If you’re concentrating on your product or your bottom line only, you’re bound to fail. You must aim all of your marketing efforts to a specific group of people, your target market.

The best way for your target market to get to know you is by using a mixture of traditional advertising and low-cost promotional techniques. The Yellow Pages listings are still the gold standard of advertising. Pricey for sure, but almost a guaranteed source of customers. Press releases can be used to announce any newsworthy change or event in your company. Be aware however that even though you think something is important, a newspaper or magazine editor might not feel the same way. A press release is no guarantee of media coverage. Articles describing the benefits of your business are also an effective promotional tool. These articles can be submitted as a informational column in suitable publications or they can be included in media kits or sales packages. Your website may be the first contact a customer has with your company, so make sure it’s effective, well-written and easy to navigate. An intrinsic part of your brand, your website must be professional – make sure you hire the right people to do the job the first time around.

Traditional advertising allows you to have complete control over what the public sees regarding your company. Consistent advertising builds public awareness and trust for your business. It takes time and persistence to see the results, however, so a long-term commitment to an advertising campaign is necessary. Advertising will remind customers and prospects about your product or service and help to establish and maintain your brand. It won’t create a customer base overnight though, but through repeated exposure to your advertising, the public will quickly recognize you as you continue to market in other ways.

Taking the time to discover what people want, and then offering it to them, is a surefire way to build a successful customer base. And by creating a positive brand along the way, you’ll ensure that your customers will stick with you for years to come.

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